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Spring is upon us and lambs are appearing everywhere.

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Welcome old and new friends!

The season has been changing, as usual on the Isle of Skye it’s not a change to be missed. The nights have slowly started to lengthen which is a real bonus for us with lots of farm work to be done in the daylight hours.  The most spectacular happening of the past week has been the appearance of the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis.  Often when we have the fantastic opportunity of getting a glimpse of the Aurora it is concentrated in one or two colours for instance; red and orange shades or blue and green.  As you can see from the photographs the colours were varied and bright with this display.  We made an attempt to get some photographs and videos however our camera was simply not good enough to capture the show.  We have managed to get our hands on a couple of great images taken around the island…



We also came across an image taken from space by Nasa of the Aurora (bottom picture) – simply spectacular!


 It has been said that the skies over Skye are some of the clearest on the globe.  More information on Skye at night can be found on the Dark Skye page –

The northern lights can be spotted all year round here on the Isle of Skye it is just a matter of luck, when your luck is in it truly is one of life’s unforgettable moments…

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