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Well hello everyone!

Now that our new website is up and running we have been getting involved in the world of social media, it’s been quite remarkable how quickly it all takes off. All very exciting! So we thought it was about time we wrote a little blog entry too.

The rest of the country is flooding - are we getting snow?

The rest of the country is flooding – are we getting snow?

Here we are on a cold February day in Waternish, the weather forecast is informing us that we may get snow…which we would have to admit would be rather nice as it has been quite some time since we had a proper dusting of the white stuff. It just makes the land and sea around the glorious place we live look magical. We however can not forget the terrible issues our friends south of the border are having with devastating floods. It seems that the weather in the North is becoming more desirable than that of the south – we sure didn’t expect that to happen!

You may be wandering what on earth we do up here during the winter months, years ago the island just about went into shut down with many businesses only opening on a seasonal basis. This thank goodness is no longer the case, there is now eateries, pubs, shops and exhibitions open all year. We have particularly enjoyed the themed nights the Edinbane Inn has had on this winter…there was Thai, Burgers, African and more. The nights we attended were simply scrumptious and there were many good reports from others whom went to the nights we didn’t make ourselves. The Edinbane Inn is about 10 miles from here, you may be thinking that’s quite a distance, but on Skye 10 miles feels nothing! The Edinbane Inn also offer traditional music sessions all year in their cosy pub – great fun on a Sunday afternoon and a good excuse to have a couple of pints. The Stein Inn is also open all winter offering bar meals and good local beer, it is situated 3 miles from Bitacora.  So there you have it – we certainly aren’t stuck for things to do during the darker months and of course the scenery is always changing making the outdoors as good, if not better, than it is during the lighter months.

Not quite ready for a paddle!

Not quite ready for a paddle!

Whether we get snow or not we count ourselves lucky on the island during the winter. It may be wild at times, but there’s always lots to keep us busy and more importantly happy. We intend to blog on a regular basis now so keep your eyes out for the next instalment from Bitacora.

Over and out, 

The MacDonalds.